Safety Theme of the Month: Tires

As temperatures increase, tire failures increase. Heat is one of the big factors in tire failure, the biggest cause of heat on a tire is underinflation. A recent ATA Technology and Maintenance Council study found that only 44% of tires were within +/- 5 PSI of target pressure. A further study found that nearly 60% of drivers did not know the proper inflation pressure for the trucks they were driving. Add the weight of our freight with low tire pressures and we have a recipe for disaster. Thumping tires is no longer the accepted means for checking a tire. Tire pressure should be assured through the use of a good tire pressure gauge, and should be a part of every pre-trip inspection. Don’t get left on the side of the road in July, check your tire pressures and assure they are ready for what lies ahead.


Safety Theme Questions of the Month: Tires


1. Is thumping a tire the best way to make sure tires are properly inflated and OK for the road?

2. What is the standard tread depth for changing tires?