Accident Reporting

Safety Theme of the Month: Accident Reporting

After you have been in an accident, please follow these steps with your JLE Safety Department:

  • Make sure the scene is safe.
  • When you have been in an accident, you must report immediately to your Driver manager. If they do not answer, please call an Operations manager.
  • Pertinent information must be attained.
  • By using accident the JLE accident form (click here to download), collect all information required on form including contact phone numbers for all parties.
  • You can’t leave scene of accident until you have been cleared by safety dept.


Safety Theme Questions of the Month: Accident Reporting


1. Is it necessary to obtain pictures of license plates?

2. What 3 main items must you obtain?

3. The police have completed their investigation and have released you from the scene, can you leave the scene?