Safety Theme of the Month: Brakes

Brake Check Week

Brake Safety Week is Sept 15-21. Are you prepared? A few years ago there was an ad campaign for seat belt use called “what’s holding you back?” In orientation we ask “what’s stopping you?” We ask it to show the importance of brake maintenance and safety for our drivers in a JLE bannered vehicle. The Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA) 2019 Brake Safety Week is September 15 through 21. While it stands to reason that brakes safety should be a Commercial Motor Vehicle drivers’ number one priority, last year 45% of all Out-Of-Service (OOS) during Road Check were for brakes. In the next few weeks we will place a special emphasis on making sure our brakes are properly adjusted, functioning, and compliant, a skill we need to carry with us all year long for our safety and the safety of our families that share the road with us each day.


Safety Theme Questions of the Month: Brakes


1. True or False: You can adjust a self-adjusting slack adjuster using a 9/16 wrench?

2. After the initial push of the brakes and hold, pressure loss should be no more than how much PSI per minute for a combination commercial vehicle?

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