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From Humble Beginnings Into an Industry Powerhouse

Our deep-rooted foundation in the transportation and flatbed trucking industry began in 2012 with just one truck and one trailer. By continuing to bring our vision of "Operating at Scale, Enabled by Technology" to every aspect of JLE Industries, we are proud to have blossomed into one of the elite freight hauling service providers in the US trucking industry today.

From one truck and trailer to 300 trucks and trailers (and counting), JLE has since been recognized as one of the fastest growing trucking companies and largest flatbed-for-hire carriers in the nation. We’ve been able to expand our training and truck maintenance capabilities with our newest 7,500 sq. ft. Center for Excellence in Dunbar, PA and we continue striving to be the industry leader in adopting effective new trucking technology to better serve our clientele and our drivers.

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Break away from the pack when you transport your freight with JLE. From our experienced drivers behind the wheel to our state-of-the-art DriverOS platform under the hood, find out how our aggressive approach to integrating the latest in flatbed and trucking technology enables efficiency at scale. If you’re looking to speed up the growth of your business, look no further than shipping with JLE.

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Focus: JLE Industries & JLE Logistics

In order to continue growing with the ever-evolving flatbed trucking industry, We we have learned that managing and minimizing our clients' supply chain risks requires an unyielding commitment to service quality, safety standards, hiring professional flatbed talent and maintaining reliable equipment.

Today, we boast the newest fleet of owned tractors and flatbed trailering equipment in the region, that are capable of delivering 50,000+ pound payloads safely and efficiently. All of our trucks utilize state-of-the-art logistical and information sharing technology, and, most importantly, we are capable of providing reliable capacity in both regular and irregular flatbed trucking routes across America.

  • JLE Industries

    JLE Industries is one of the fastest growing, technology-enabled open deck carriers in North America today. Our entire owned fleet of tractors and flatbed trailers is equipped with the latest in load securement and load tracking technology, enabling us to tailor flexible, cost-effective haul solutions for each individual client. Our robust transport network and proprietary DriverOS trucking software solutions provide maximum supply chain visibility and information sharing capabilities.

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  • JLE Logistics

    Our unique brokerage approach with our JLE Logistics division offers another level of customer support that goes well beyond the simple shipment of freight. The combination of a brokerage solution and a commanding asset presence in a single asset-based asset-based platform offers our shippers increased flexibility, cost efficiency, and options to move freight while minimizing capacity disruptions.

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Standards: Enabling The Driven

At JLE, our team of genuine, hard-working people is what sets us apart from the rest. From our professional flatbed talent to our in-house staff, we all share the same sense of community, accountability, performance and integrity that drives us to do better and be better each day.

We constantly and consistently use data science and intelligent automation to rewrite the traditional flatbed playbook so that our systems work better for the individual, professional driver. Our goal is to go far beyond the creation of the typical internal load board for the sake of having load “options.” By equipping our professionals with the necessary trailering and securement equipment, tooling, and round-the-clock support team, we strive to enable our driven men and women to become the very best versions of themselves that they can be.

  • Accountability

    Towards each other, our jobs, our company.

  • Performance

    Doing your job at the highest level of professionalism, and providing all employees with the tools and opportunities to achieve greatness.

  • Integrity

    Always acting honestly in conduct and communication.