Company Drivers & Independent Contractors: How Will You Drive?

JLE employs and welcomes both company flatbed drivers and independent contractors (also known as 'lease-purchase drivers') to our ever-growing fleet. While both types of professionals perform similar duties and jobs, there are a few considerations to take into account when deciding to apply for either type of flatbed trucking position. Continue reading to discover what path you might want to pursue in your over-the-road career with JLE.

Company Drivers

Company drivers with JLE receive a starting linehaul base rate of 27% (increasing each year up to a maximum of 30%) as well as additional pay opportunities based on how well the driver meets safety and performance standards. JLE provides company drivers with the equipment they need to take the next step in their flatbed career and offer a host of other benefits - medical insurance, 401(k) plans with company match, flexible home time schedules and more - that can be taken advantage of after 60 days of continuous employment.

The requirements for truckers looking to send in an application to become a company driver with JLE are as follows:

  • At least 23 years of age
  • Valid medical certificate
  • Class A CDL
  • 12 months of verifiable flatbed driving experience, with at least 6 months within the past 36 months
  • Comfort and experience in hauling steel coils

Additional information on becoming a flatbed company driver with JLE and its benefits can be found on our Driver Qualifications and Expectations page as well as on our Driver Pay and Benefits page.

Independent Contractors (Lease-Purchase Drivers)

Becoming a lease-purchase driver (also known as an 'independent contractor' or - in some cases - an 'owner-operator') is a great option for professional flatbed talent looking to move into an independent trucker position in the long-term or for drivers who want to eventually own their own trucking business or fleet.

Top performing Lease-purchase drivers with JLE can expect a potential average of $2973 in weekly net settlements. While you'll be responsible for making regular payments on your lease, JLE is happy to walk through at least five weeks of pay information with you to help you plan out how to pay additional associated costs such as fuel and taxes.

Aside from traditional owner-operator fees, JLE is proud to offer the following benefits to our lease-purchase drivers:

  • 75% of 100% of linehaul payments
  • 100% of all additional accessorials
  • No credit checks, $0 down, no balloon payments
  • Fuel discounts
  • And much more

Please visit our Lease-Purchase page for more information on the requirements for day-one lease-purchase drivers and candidates for the 90-day lease-purchase opportunity. If you have additional questions about our lease-purchase program, please contact us.

Owner Operators

If you already own your own truck and are looking for an authority to run under, there are no better options than JLE Industries. Our proprietary DriverOS app allows you to quickly and efficiently find and book your own freight from our vast freight network. Whether you are looking for the highest revenue loads, a load to get you through the house or a mixture of both, DriverOS puts the power of your success directly in your hands.

Owner operators at JLE earn 75% of linehaul from day 1. Plus 100% of accessorials that we are able to bill for.

Please visit our Owner Operator page for more information.

More Resources

We encourage you to consider all factors when it comes to pursuing a company driver or lease-purchase driver position with JLE. Explore the following articles for even more information on the considerations you can make as you continue to evolve your trucking career.

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Drive YOUR Way with JLE

We always encourage our drivers to pursue the path that will best align with their long-term trucking goals. Whether that's to gain more experience in OTR and flatbed trucking or to own your own fleet, anything is possible with JLE. If you're ready to send in your company driver application, please click the Apply Now button below. If you'd like more information on our hiring requirements or lease-purchase program, please contact us today.