School Bus Zones & Speeding

September 2018 Safety Theme: “School Zones and Buses” & Speeding

School Bus and School Zones: This is the time of year to start looking for school buses and school zones to be active. Awareness is imperative always. Speed limits drop, and traffic picks up around school zones. Remember that one of our children could be in the next school zone or bus stop. Speeding. Speeding is in the unsafe category of CSA. It is a driver choice to speed. This has adverse effects on compony and personal safety scores. The lower the score, the less you get inspected. We must strive to improve our choices as drivers to improve scores. Please help us do so. Speed kills.


Safety Theme Questions of the Month: “School Zones and Buses” & Speeding

School Zones and Buses

1. If headed north on a divided hwy, a school bus stops on southbound side of freeway, do you have to stop for a school bus with the red light on?

2. How far from school bus with red lights on and arm extended must you stop?



3. Is a 15 and over speeding ticket qualify as a serious violation on your MVR and CSA point total?

4. Does speed increase damage if involved in a wreck?