School Bus Zones & Speeding

October 2018 Safety Theme: Speeding

Staying within the speed limit.
Letting go of past practices of bad driving decisions. Do not make yourself a target. You are giving probable cause to be pulled over just for speeding.

Going downhill doesn’t give you the right to let it run!
The speed limit still applies, maintain the proper speed. Everyone has been driving long enough to know that where DOT inspectors and law enforcement sit at the ready at the bottom of mountains, hills waiting to apprehend violators. Speeding downhill is unsafe and reduced speeds on grades are there for your safety and the safety of all drivers.

Know your speed zones:
School districts, Business districts, Construction Zones, beware of curves, mountains, hazards. This is a no brainer. There is always active enforcement for these areas due to heavier traffic conditions, pedestrians, workers, and children, so be safe and keep your speed down.


Safety Theme Questions of the Month: Speeding

Test Questions

1. When do you adjust your speed for oncoming curves? Is it while in the curve or before you get into the curve?

2. At what point should you be in the proper gear and speed when going downhill? Is it at the top of the hill or adjust as you go down?

3. True or False - It is ok to speed to keep up with the flow of traffic?